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1. Calm & BlissfulTruly a blissful & wonderful massage to delight your senses, lifting up your mood and energizing your tired body. A slow warming up on your feet working up strongly on your thighs. Then aromatherapy oil deep tissue massage strokes will be applied on your legs, lower body upwards turn over lower back & T zones, neck area, strong pressure points on both hands & palms.Finally, therapists will massage focusing on your scalp, forehead & shoulders areas leaving you feeling so recharged & refreshed. 90 Min 1,700++ Book now
2. So RelaxingAfter all the walking and shopping, it is time to relax your aching feet and your tired body Begin with relaxing Thai body yoga massage, Starts with a slow and strong pressure points on both tired legs, feet , thighs then massage upper tensed body area. Continue with deep tissue aroma oil full body massage. Using aroma oil, massage with continuation gliding strokes are applied on body areas and also deep tissue massage are focused on certain muscles joints to free up all aching muscles. After the massage, you will feel light, relax and good mood. 2 Hrs 2,300++ Book now
3. My Satin SkinThis spa package will exfoliate all your ageing body skin by means of using your choice of all natural ingredients to scrub your body, after shower than continue with a deep tissue aroma oil full body massage leaving your skin feeling silky smooth like pure satin and your body and soul feels younger. 2 Hrs 2,500++ Book now
4. Peaceful HideawayTime to hide away from the bustling world and pamper yourself now First enjoy the soothing focus points foot reflexology, followed by a Continue aromatherphy deep tissue full body massage, focusing on lower back and upper back T Zone. Lastly massage on face and scalp. After this spa program you will feel sense of peace and harmony. 2.5 Hrs 2,900++ Book now
5. Ancient Herbs WellnessBefore the modern medicine science, hundreds years ago, during the Ayuthaya era uses all healing herbs to heal the aching body. Begin relax all the tensed muscles and joints by Traditional Thai yoga full massage, then continue with hot steaming herbal ballswith lemon grass aroma oil full body compress and massage. 2.5 Hrs 3,500++ Book now
6. Fully ChargedDrained with fatique from sports, adventures or overworked at office with meetings, you will be recharged with this program. First begin with intense sports massage on both legs on calves and thighs, then continue with a full 2 hours long a strong and deep tissue aroma oil T zone upper body massage leaving you feel strong and vitalized 2. 5 Hrs 3,300++ Book now
7. I am Pure GoldThis luxurious pure gold spa treatment is relaxing and holistic which aromatherapy hot volcanic stones with aroma oil infused with pure gold flakes massage on your whole body. Deep tissue massage strokes togther with gold elements & natural healing power of the essential oils will improve blood & energy flow also get rid blockages of body meridians making you feeling active with good mood. Ending with Cleopatra's secret refreshing spa facial with gold mask. 2.5 Hrs 5,900++ Book now
8. Sunny CocoFor those who crave for coconuts will enjoy this unique all about coconuts spa treatment. Begin with a full body scrub with real coconut fibres, yogurt & honey. After body rince then body wrap with real coconut cream for detoxing, cooling and moisturizing the skin and continue with steaming hot coconut compress & hot coconut virgin oil deep tissue full body massage statisfying all your desire craving for coconuts. 3 Hrs 3,900++ Book now
9. Before You FlyAttention all frequent travelers, after checking out from your hotel and nowhere to go before your next short/long haul flight, this spa program will prevent you from jet lag and fatique. First, a two hour long slow strokes movements hot Olive oil infused with jasmine & lemon grass deep tissue massage with Traditional Northern Lanna style body & muscles stretching then continue with refresh all natural spa facial. Now you are ready to have a good continuation and a enjoyable journey. 3 Hrs 3,500++ Book now
10. After SunSo much beach activities in the sun. Now it is time to relax and pamper your tired body & recover your sun kissed body skin. Begin with gentle yogurt & cucumber puree body polish & wrap. After body rince then continue with Aloe Vera gel full body massage ending with refreshing all natural cucumber spa facial. After this spa treatment, your skin will feel cooling and refreshing. 3 Hrs 3,500++ Book now
11. Mystical Old SiamExperience traditional Thai Ayutthaya era ways of ancient herbs healing wellness. Begin with total body muslces relaxation by Royal Lanna Thai deep nerve pressure points massage, focus on body stretching as to relief all tensed up muscle joints, then continue with steaming herbs bags compress together with lemond grass oil full body deep tissue massage as to improve and stimulate blood & energy flow also get rid blockages of body meridians ending with refreshing all natural cucumber spa facial making you feel refreshed, energized and good mood. 3 Hrs 3,500++ Book now
12. Mermaid's PearlsFor sea lovers, this a unique spa treament is based on all the natural gifts from the ocean. Start with sea salt with yogurt & honey full body scrub then body wrap with coconut fibres, yogurt, the journey continues with aromatherapy deep tissue full body massage and ending with refreshing seaweed marine collegen spa facial making you feel like a beautiful pearl and your body rejunvenated. 3 Hrs 3,700++ Book now
13. InnerPeace Secret This is our signature spa package. Begin with Foot massage Reflexology. Then continue with Royal Lanna Thai deep nerves yoga massage to relax your whole tired body. The best is yet to come. You will be coaxed by our Hot Volcanic stones with pure Gold Flakes with aroma oil luxurious whole massage ending with refreshing all natural cucumber marine collagen spa facial. A perfect wellness for your beauty and innerstrenght. 3 Hrs 4,500++ Book now
14. Ayurvedic MagicThis is a spiritual and magical Indian spa healing treatment. Dated back 5000 years of ancient Indian method of healing only used by the royals. It will make you feel your mind is calmed and you soul is cleansed. Begin with a slow warm olive oil drip on your forehead (Shirohara) with intense scalp massage while tibetan bowl singing in the background. Hot steaming herbs bags & olive oil with jasmine East Indian style full body body massage. Ending with refreshing all natural cucumber and aloe vera spa facial. A mood uplifter for your body and soul. 4 Hrs 4,500++ Book now
15. My Phuket ParadiseAll your dreams will come true with this signature spa program. Specially combined all treatments out to pamper you like a queen or a king. Begin with a calming relaxing herbal steam, then followed choice of full body scrub, body rinse and a body wrap with choice of natural body wrap. Take a spa break in outdoor villa Onsen flora pool soak bath served with desserts, fruits and drinks. The pampering continues with by deep nerve slow warm up & Royal Lanna Thai massage combined with 2 hours long of aromatherapy deep tissue full body massage. Ending with refreshing all natural cucumber spa facial. Giving you an everlasting once-a-lifetime spa experience 5 Hrs 6,900 Book now

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